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Benefits Of Rehab Lab

With the e-health solution from Rehab Lab you achieve better and more sustainable results


Complete Your Treatment Project With Rehab Lab​​​

Composing Personal Training​

Together with your therapist or healthcare professional you are going to realize a personal training program. You can use thousands of crystal-clear explanation videos, performed by models that your patient can identify with. All videos are provided with clear, spoken explanations.

Rehab Lab Is Ready For You

When you start working with Rehab Lab, you can count on our support and commitment. For example, we are constantly expanding the collection of explanation videos and you can contact us for support or wishes. We can be reached by e-mail and by telephone.

Simple And Attractive Price

In the app you take out a monthly subscription, with which you can guide an unlimited number of clients. There are subscriptions for small, medium and large practices.

Track The Whole Process

Rehab Lab links your knowledge and technique to the emotion and motivation of the patient. Connection: that is the key to success! The app has various functions on board to map the involvement and progress.


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Since the start in 2022 we like to work for and together with...

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