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With the e-health solution from Rehab Lab you achieve better and more sustainable results


Inspired From A Research At AVANS Universities Of Applied Sciences

Rehab Lab is a specialized software designed by healthcare professionals to enhance the workflow of healthcare providers. Our platform is tailored for use in various healthcare settings such as hospitals, clinics, gyms, and for practitioners worldwide.

With access to over 5000 exercise videos, accompanied by supporting images and written instructions, and over 175 templates for common complaints, our software provides an efficient solution to personalized patient treatment plans. The software enables healthcare professionals to quickly and easily update client-specific templates to meet their changing needs, and to use previously assigned prescriptions to build programs for new clients in just a few clicks. Our platform provides a paperless solution by automatically recording and storing the entire prescription history and client-program interaction, reducing the risk of human error and enhancing accuracy.
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Complete Your Treatment Project With Rehab Lab

In the app you put together a personal training for your patient. You can use thousands of crystal-clear explanation videos, performed by models that your patient can identify with. All videos are provided with clear, spoken explanations.

When you start working with Rehab Lab, you can count on our support and commitment. For example, we are constantly expanding the collection of explanation videos and you can contact us for support or wishes. We can be reached by e-mail and by telephone.

Rehab Lab links your knowledge and technique to the emotion and motivation of the patient. Connection: that is the key to success! The app has various functions on board to map the involvement and progress.

In the app you take out a monthly subscription, with which you can guide an unlimited number of clients. There are subscriptions for small, medium and large practices. Click here for more information

Rehab Lab is easily accessible by phone. If there are any questions regarding the functionality of the app, action is taken right away to answer the questions. Very good service!

Very good service and good product. Unlike other health app, you get better personal service here, definitely a plus!

I enjoy working with it on a daily basis!

Nice and clear website, I like that I can identify myself with the simulation patient.


Different Types Of Healthcare Providers

  • Physiotherapists
  • GPs
  • Orthopedians
  • Hospitals
  • Podlogists
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Ergotherapists
  • Health Insurers

Solution For Care Professionals

Rehab Lab has been developed for physiotherapists, orthopedists, podiatrists, occupational therapists, general practitioners, and healthcare professionals in hospitals and rehabilitation centers. With our app, you have access to thousands of clear exercise explanation videos, performed by models that your patients can easily identify with. You can effortlessly put together a personalized training plan that seamlessly complements your treatment.


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Workout Videos

Rehab Lab has created thousands of professional exercise explainer videos that are designed to help your patients achieve their training goals. We understand the importance of relatability, which is why we feature 85 different models in our videos. Each video is carefully crafted and comes with clear spoken instructions, making it easy for your patients to follow along. Our videos are compact, user-friendly, and designed to support your patients throughout their training journey.  


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